ASAS Exhibitions and Conference Organizing Company came to the line of organizing exhibitions and conferences

As power to upgrade the conduction of exhibits and conferences and an important addition in this activity, which allied with all industrial, commercial, educational and health, and all services in the government and private sectors, and through its scientific, educational, human capabilities and the huge know-how which founded the company and created its distinction in this line of business.

ASAS starts from strong beliefs and deep faith about the feasibility of its ability in this vital field and according to the following vision:-


ASAS started from Riyadh City and concentrated its activities in organizing exhibitions, conferences, gatherings and forums in the entire Kingdom and Gulf-wide region. For achieving its distinction ASAS relied on a team of qualified expertise and administrative, technical efficiencies specialized in organizing the largest exhibitions and conferences for ministries, government bodies and authorities and companies and institutions of both private and public sectors, and provide entire services that ensures the achievement of the targets of the sponsoring bodies of these exhibitions and conferences.

In an attempt to improve the industry of exhibits and conferences ASAS has adopted the organization of a number of exhibitions of its own which satisfy the need of a wide range of clients based on ASAS confidence on its policy of improving the industry of exhibitions and conferences and the proficiency of its work team in realizing these policies, the company concluded a number of agreements with giant exhibitions organizer companies in a number of European countries.. as well as joining the membership of World Authority for Exhibition Organizers and the Union of Exhibition Organizers.. This membership requires meeting a range of criterions relating to capability, know-how and quality.

ASAS has set as a target, its participation in the development of the concept of organizing exhibits and conferences inside KSA and countries of the region in order to benefit from same in the supporting the of economical, social and cultural development, and medical and educational services,

and commercial and industrial activities through abiding by supreme quality criterions in guaranteeing organizational services and adhering to beauty and technical fundamentals, starting from preparations and merchandizing for sponsoring programs and attracting participants and marketing and sales services and arrangement of exhibition yards in order to satisfy the aspirations of the sponsoring bodies, participants and visitors.


Riyadh is one of the richest cities in the Middle East and the 80th richest city in the world. Once a small walled city, Riyadh has developed into a dynamic metropolis over the years. Along with the urban areas of Dhahran, Dammam, Khobar and Jeddah, Riyadh has become a focal point for both travel and trade.



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